🔥 Top 10 WINNING PRODUCTS In July | Shopify Dropshipping 2020 thumbnail
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🔥 Top 10 WINNING PRODUCTS In July | Shopify Dropshipping 2020


In this video, I am sharing the top 10 winning products that you should start testing RIGHT NOW! I did some product research and found some winning Shopify products that are selling extremely well right at the moment. Wondering what to sell on Shopify? checkout these winning products in July to test on Shopify dropshipping 2020.

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Product 1 – Cake Decorating Practice Boards
This is a cake recording tool that helps you to practice your cake decoration. The cooking and baking niche is also a very passionate audience and that products solve a problem so this why it’s working so well. It is also a very cheap product so it is good for the current pandemic situation.

Product 2 – Bone Conduction Headphones
The only thing special I saw about them is that they can be used underwater and you can actually swim with them, which I didn’t see before, and it has very high engagement.

Product 3 – Adhesive Electric Massage Pad
This one is actually the first time I have ever seen someone use this product to help lift the breast. I really liked the different marketing angles this advertisement has.

Product 4 – Car Headlight Repair Fluid
The car maintenance niche is very popular because you can get DIY products for a much cheaper price than taking into a mechanics or a service to do it for you.

This one is a very creative product that has been selling well in the past few years. The gardening niche is booming right now so highly recommended testing out this product.

This product is very popular now and it is still selling very well to this day. I help shave your eyebrows easily like drawing with a pen, and it is very small and easy to travel with.

Product 7 – Lace Strapless Bra
If you have never heard about the “magic bra” you probably live under a rock! A product very similar to this one was selling like fidget spinners! It is like a pushup bra without laces.

Product 8 – Safety Shoes
This product is still booming till this day, it is a working boot with a high protective grade, but it looks like Yeezys. Awesome product to sell, very unsaturated.

Product 9 – Smart Watch with Bluetooth Earphone
This one started popping out in late 2019 so it is still relatively new. This is a smartwatch and the LED screen has Bluetooth headphones inside it, so it’s like 2 in 1.

Product 10 – Wireless Mini WiFi Camera
The home security niche is huge! The main good thing about this camera is that it is portable and you can stick anywhere as long as it has a magnet, and it is very cheap!


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