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A Beginners Guide to Selling on Amazon with Art Not Found


Art gives you the beginners guide to selling on Amazon. Art is a bitcoin early adopter who has gotten in early on a number of trends. He understood the potential of selling on Amazon early on and has made a killing selling a wide variety of items. In this episode we discuss a wide variety of topics including the difference between the vendor and seller centrals, fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), retail arbitrage, sourcing products, negotiation tactics, Amazon ranking, keyword optimization, photography, and advertising. We also provide you with estimated budgets, resources, and places to start.

Art’s Twitter:https://twitter.com/art_not_found

Nothing in this podcast or on my personal twitter account constitute financial advice. I am not a qualified financial advisor. There are risks involved with trading that could result in a complete loss of funds. This episode and all future episodes are for entertainment purposes only.
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