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Salehoo Wholesale – Dropship Directory #1 Affiliate Program Reviews, Book, Guide, Tips, Tricsk 2020


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Salehoo Wholesale & Dropship Directory – #1 Affiliate Program Reviews, Book, Guide, Tips, Tricsk, Does it work or scam
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+ If you are reading this review of Salehoo then it’s very likely that you are considering setting up a dropshipping or wholesale model for your ecommerce business.
+ And why not? Firstly, dropshipping allows you to reach out to suppliers, who fulfil and ship those orders directly to your customers. It’s an incredibly popular model for first-time ecommerce entrepreneurs. Why is that?
+ Well, it allows you to:
+ Operate with just a laptop and an internet connection
+ Have low barrier for entry, with a high potential for revenue
+ No initial investment. No money is spent on inventory, materials and tools
+ Only purchase from your supplier when you’ve made a sale
+ Scale your business quickly. All the difficult work is done by your supplier, so more sales won’t necessarily translate into more work
No need to hire more staff
+ Won’t need to operate from a warehouse and you will the avoid the overheads that come with that
+ Have more flexibility. Want to sell different products? You won’t have to uproot your business to do this
+ As you can see there are benefits of setting up your store to operate with a dropshipping model. So, when it comes to dropshipping suppliers let’s take a look at one of the biggest in the field in Salehoo.
Salehoo Review: Products
+ Dropship Suppliers
+ Salehoo offers you the choice of over 1,000 trusted dropship suppliers. All of these companies have been vetted and assessed by Salehoo so you can be confident that they can be trusted. There are cases of people not using someone like Salehoo and going straight to the supplier, only to find that they weren’t genuine and this is where money can get lost.
+ Wholesale Suppliers
+ Salehoo offer over 8,000 trusted wholesale suppliers and very quickly you can view all the key information that you could with dropshipping suppliers.
+ Market Research
+ On the pricing graphic above you may have looked at it and asked ‘what’s market research labs?’.
+ Salehoo track the 1.6 million products in their directory to help you find a niche that is trending and is potentially the most profitable.
Although this may be dependent on what location you are selling to and currency, however, their guestimates are very accurate.
+ Training & Support
+ As Salehoo is geared towards supporting ecommerce entrepreneurs in the early stages of their journey, it’s vital that they get their training and support right.
+ Looking at talk online from sellers it’s evident that Salehoo has fantastic customer support. Their support is available via live chat and they are also available via telephone and email, Monday to Friday between 5:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. They also offer very quick support through their Facebook and Twitter accounts.
+ One improvement that could be made with Salehoo’s support is that they could find products for you if they aren’t listed, this is something that is currently offered by Worldwide Brands.
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