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Why eBay Hates Retail Dropshipping? (Start Wholesale NOW)


In this video, I go over the reason’s why eBay discourages eBay Dropshippers to use Retail Dropshipping on their platform. This is in compliance with eBay’s Wholesale Agreement policy in which they only allow dropshippers to do dropshipping using Wholesale Dropshipping Suppliers! WATCH me as I dive deep as to why eBay doesn’t want you to do Retail Dropshipping as well as the early signs and effect it might have if you choose to continue doing so!

This is going to ANSWER an important question for those who would like to be a dropshipper on eBay. Wholesale Dropshipping is the ONLY acceptable form of Dropshipping on eBay in 2020 AND I’m making sure that YOU will get the right answers to all of your QUESTIONS to make sure that you’re on the right track as you start your journey with eBay Dropshipping!

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